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Why to Install Special Lighting Boards on the 6000 Street Lamps on the Spanish Island

In Tenerife, Canary Islands, and Spain, about 6000 new street lamps will be equipped with special light boards that filter blue light and guide the light to the ground to avoid interference near the observatory.

Because the sky is very clear, these islands have many internationally renowned observatories, protected by Spanish laws.

This has led the city government to take measures to lighten light pollution, such as prohibiting the use of high pressure mercury lamp or white light. Of course, there are also some special examples, such as sports lighting and advertising.

At the same time, the project will install 100 "sensor" street lamps to adapt to existing and future sensors (such as noise, pollution, traffic monitoring, etc.), and can be paired with Simulink software applications. These accessories are equipped with two socket systems, one mounted on the top and the other mounted at the bottom of each lamp, and compatible with the standard.

It is reported that the street lamp project will be responsible for IMESAPI. IMSAPI will use SimIDENT's interactive urban street lighting management system to monitor, control and manage 3000 LUMA and 1500 classic street lamps. Of the existing facilities, about 1500 sodium lamps will be added to interactive cities with connectors.

Lope Afonso, mayor of La Cruz port, said: "for astronomers and people who like starry night, our sky quality is the first."

"We want to protect these valuable resources and make our streets safer for our citizens and tourists."

"This latest technology meets the needs of the local observatory, which will help us reduce about 65% of public lighting and provide a choice for our future intelligent city services."