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What Illumination Should I Choose for Different Functional Areas?

When we buy a house, the supplies of lighting fixtures are indispensable for building materials.

However, there are many types of lamps, such as chandeliers, down lights, spotlights, recessed lamps,wall lamp etc.


all kinds of lamps are full of different functions, and we have to pay attention to the quality and appearance of the lamps.Observing what kind of occasions different lamps are suitable for. Let we see what kind of lighting suit each room of the house.


Living Room

The lamps in the living room pay more attention to the appearance! We can choose according to the size and style of the space. If there is a small space, we can choose a main light.If there is a large space, we can use a variety of lamps to create an atmosphere.It should be noted that the living room is the place to meet guests, so the light must be sufficient. Common lighting styles include chandeliers and down lights.


illumination one.jpg

                    Sky Light


people pay more attention to  practical functionality of
Kitchen, require lighting, do not take up the space is the best! So the kitchen lamps try not to dress it too fancy, the light source try to choose warmer light, such light is very beautiful.


The bedroom is a space for rest. People ask the bedroom to be dim, so the softening is the key point of the bedroom lighting, so as to ensure the user's emotional relaxation.
The lighting of the bedroom is based on a warm, warm yellow colour. At the same time, the top of the bed can be embedded with lighting or ceiling lamps, or can be embedded in the decorative cabinet to make the interior more romantic and comfortable.


illumination two.jpgillumination three.jpg

 Super Round Ceiling Light


Bathroom fixtures are more suitable for ceiling lamps or wall lamps in appearance.

The ceiling lamp is close to the ceiling, does not take up space, and is easy to use; the wall lamp is also suitable for the bathroom. The lamps in the wall bathroom should pay attention to the moisture and water resistance of the lamps.


Study Room
In addition to the need for a headlight for lighting, the desk lamp is also essential! The study room is an important place for work and study. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure adequate reading lighting in the selection of lamps.

A desk lamp is used as a local lighting table lamp at the desk, which has a beautiful appearance. In addition, an indirect light source can be placed around the ceiling for illumination.


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