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The General Trend of HCL Is Visible in the Future

The concept of “Human Centric lighting(HCL)” was introduced by medical scientists in the 1970s, and the Human Centric Lighting Society founded by Stan Walerczyk  published on July 7, 2012 In the article "Introductory article on Human Centric Lighting", the "Human Centric Lighting" hypothesis was systematically and theoretically first.


The physiological rhythm of the human body - that is, physical, psychological, physiological changes and changes in lighting are related, while the human lighting concept is all about circadian rhythm, mood, visual ability, energy saving and sustainability, and productivity. It has a good guiding effect on lighting solutions. At the same time, we must pay attention to several indicators when choosing products: blue light, illuminance, color temperature, color rendering index, glare, etc.

Human Centric Lighting not only meet the corresponding illumination and brightness, but also create lighting, which is comfortable, healthy and efficient, according to people's environment, brightness requirements, physiological and psychological characteristics, etc. Artificial light environment, such as hospitals to provide patients with comfortable light, helps stabilize their mood.

led skylight in hospital.jpg

led skylight in workplace.jpg

Focusing on healthy lighting is due to our pursuit of quality and health. Lumin will synchronize the HCL concept at the upcoming International Hong Kong international fair and show our good products to you.

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