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Custom Spectrum LED Grow Light Is in Full Swing

As life becomes more and more AI (intelligence), it is always able to relieve and heal the flowers and plants of the soul. It 

is also very AI in planting. LEDs that cannot be lacked in daily life have expanded many new growth opportunities with the evolution of technology. One of them is plant lighting.

LED plant lighting has many advantages, such as increasing crop growth rate, saving energy by up to 75%, saving water resources by up to 90%, market demand for delicate crop cultivation, aquaculture, food storage and preservation, food safety, etc. under global climate change.
 Both promote the development prospects of the plant and horticultural lighting market.

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Grow Light is so knowledgeable that growers can use a specific wavelength to develop a single illumination scheme, such as blue light (420-480nm) and red light (620-670nm), or use multiple illumination schemes to create ideal light output with multiple LEDs , in conjunction with the light required for different growth stages of the plant, such as different lighting requirements during the stages of sowing, germination, growth and flowering.


In terms of red and blue light, it has obvious effects on the cultivation of leafy vegetables. However, the taste of hydroponic vegetables is still the key to improving the quality of vegetables. Therefore, the spectrum of white light plus red light is used, and other leafy vegetables and fruits are used. , general types, etc.

For example, the leafy light source red light / blue light configuration uses 4:1 for optimization, fruit such as strawberry or similar fruit cash crop, then use 5:1 red / blue mixed light as priority, if it is general general plant assisted auxiliary , optional 7:1 or 8:1 red / blue ratio configuration.

Many LED manufacturers in Taiwan have been cultivating plants for many years, such as Jingdian and Yiguang. Yiguang also exhibited a full range of agricultural LEDs, various lighting applications and corresponding lamps such as Grow light and Fish light sets at the LIGHTFAIR exhibition in the United States last year. 

Shenzhen Lumin Lighting Co., Ltd.whose LED Grow Lights have passed  certifications of TUV, UL, CB,SAA, CE,RoHs.

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