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Why Some LED Lights Are Easy to Damage

The LED lamp has become a hot decoration material for office decoration, shop decoration, and family decoration for its environmental protection and energy saving. But in use, many people have such trouble. Why are hundreds of thousands of yuan LED lamps life sometimes less than ordinary incandescent lamps, and if LED lamps are broken, The cost of maintenance is very high. In fact, LED lamps tend to be bad, mainly due to improper assembly or improper use.

First of all, the most likely cause of LED lamp damage is poor heat dissipation. If the heat dissipation is not good, the temperature inside the lamp will be too high, causing the problem of LED light fading, in the long run, the luminous efficiency will be lower and lower.

Secondly, if the LED lamps are immersed in water carelessly, the problem of short circuit will occur, which will cause further damage to the lamps.

Again, the sudden increase in the supply voltage in the circuit will also affect the life of the LED lamp. And in the process of LED lamp assembly, if the antistatic work is not done, it will cause the internal damage of LED lamps to be damaged by static electricity.

Finally, the short circuit of an original or other wire in the internal circuit of the LED lamp leads to a partial short circuit of the LED power channel, which makes this part of the voltage rise and make the solder joint loose.