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Analysis of the Advantages of LED Lighting for Plant Cultivation

LEDs used in the field of plant cultivation have the following advantages:

The wavelength type is rich, which coincides with the spectral range of plant photosynthetic and photomorphological formation;

The spectral wave width is half-width narrow, and the pure monochromatic light and the composite spectrum can be obtained as needed;

It is possible to concentrate the light of a specific wavelength to uniformly illuminate the crop;

It not only regulates flowering and fruiting, but also controls plant height and plant nutrients;

The system has less heat and takes up less space, and can be used in a multi-layer cultivation stereoscopic combination system to realize low heat load and miniaturization of production space;

Its long life and exceptional durability also reduce operating costs.

With very high PPF light efficiency, it can achieve very good energy saving effect.

Easy to connect with the control system for further intelligent control.



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