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Why can LED Plant Lights Shorten the Plant Growth Cycle?


Plants grow in open-air nature, each plant has formed its own photoperiod genes, but due to various natural uncontrollable factors, their true growth talents have not been fully excavated, LED plant lights brought plants from outside to Indoor, various growth conditions can be completely artificially controlled, completely activating the growth cells of plants, and regulating the photoperiod of plants through LED plant lights, thereby affecting the growth of plants.

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The five pillars essential for plant growth are temperature, moisture, nutrients, air and light. The lighting time, light intensity, and light quality determine the growth cycle of the plant.

Lighting time:
Plants, like humans, need exercise, work, and rest. Therefore, it is necessary to control the time when using LED plant lights to fill the plants. It is generally recommended that the plant light time be controlled between 12 and 16 hours to give plants.
 Allow plenty of time to rest to ensure that the plants work efficiently every day.


Light intensity
Light intensity has a very important influence on plant cell proliferation and organ differentiation, that is, it has an important influence on plant growth. Different light intensity affects all stages of plant growth, and does not require too much illumination in the early stage of plant growth.
 It can meet the needs of plant germination and growth. As the plant grows, the light intensity should be increased appropriately. It is very important to the health and tidyness of the seedling. When the plant is flowering, the LED plant light directly affects the flowering and fruit setting rate. It also determines the yield and quality of this plant.


 Light quality:

The effect of light quality on various stages of plant growth is also very obvious. For example, the flowering result plants need sufficient red light during the flowering and fruit setting. If the red light is not enough, the light intensity will not reach the ideal effect. The planting fruiting rate of the plant, if the plant's various light can be proportioned to the plant according to the needs of the plant, the effect will be completely different, not only can shorten the plant growth cycle, but also increase plant yield and quality.


LED plant lights are well suited to meet the above three lighting conditions to shorten or mediate plant growth cycles.

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