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Onsite Factory Audit System

Lumin is a legal and reputable company in China. We welcome customers to visit our factory and company on-site by themselves or customers’ agents in China, or even by the third party such as SGS.  We also support video factory inspection instantly by Skype, Facebook messenger, What’Apps, Wechat, etc. At the same time, we can provide customers with China Authority's official website for verification of Lumin information free of charge.


Supply Chain Management (SCM) System

Lumin has very strict rules and regulations on how to select high-quality suppliers in order to control the raw materials, minimize the bad ratio of incoming materials, and improve the ratio of on time delivery. We will change unqualified suppliers if they can not improve their technique and quality and meet our standard without any doubt. In this way, we can control product quality at the begining of incoming materials.


Production Management System

Lumin can control product quality very well mainly through the strict production workflow prcess, precise operation step by step, as well as strict prodcution management system . In addition, we boast our perfect technical reseach and development system, so that we can adjust and upgrade our product line according to the market situation, and help production department with technical improvement timely.  In this way, we can make our product reliable always.


QC System

Lumin has a professional, dedicated, and  experienced QC  team. Some QC staff work more than 3 years here. They will inspect incoming materials, semi-finished products, finished products based on our quality control standard. Any defective products will never be run into the next process. Once we discover any defectives, we will make the whole batch rework. At the same,workers and staff will take the resposibility for the case.  With the strict QC system, we will carry out incoming materials inspection, semi-finished product inspection, LED driver inspection, aging inspection, sampling test of finished product, finished product inspection before storage, inspection before shipment, rework re-inspection of defective products, in order to prevent defective products from flowing to the market. That is our standard process on quality control.


Package System

Lumin will only adpot the best packing design and the best packing materials for products. Normally,  with safe PE bag, green foam and A5A inner box, harder KMK master carton, goods can be protected very well in the long distance transportation. Sample order will be packaged specially with hard paper brackets, even along with composite boards. In addition, the packaged goods will be fastened with cable tie, then it will be stacked on the pallet. In this way, the goods can be prevented from being affected by the damp weather. We also care about details for LCL sea shipment. For LCL sea shipment, the goods must be covered with clear film and stacted on the pallets. 


Warehouse Management System

Lumin will strictly inspect the storage condition in the warehouse. We will care about its temperature, humidity, safety in the warehoues reguarlly. We have strict warehouse management rules and regulations, which can protect goods well, and ensure the shipment in the conditon of safety, completion and integration. 


Pre-shipment Inspection System

Before shipment, QC team will partially inspect finished goods according to the quality control standard. If the defective ratio is over 5%, QC will enlarge the quantity of the inspection, and request stop shipment and rework soon. At the same time, the related workers and staff will take the responsibility according the rules and regulations.


After-sales Service System

Lumin is a responsible company. Reguarlly, we will provide our products with 3 to 5 year warranty. Before the order, we will talk to quality condition you request, and check our supply capability, and then sign a quality agreement with you for the order. We welcome customers' appointed third party like SGS to inspect goods at our production facility.  After shipment, if there is any quality issue caused by Lumin's craftmanship, Lumin will accept to return and replace it, and will take its responsibility.