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Lumin has tailored a set of LED lighting solutions for pure stores in Shenzhen to make the entire store sparkle and the brand is very strong, attracting a large number of customers into the store to purchase clothing. Lumin has many years of exploration and research for commercial offices. It can provide professional comprehensive solutions based on commercial office space and can provide personalized customized services. Lumin provides retailers with the perfect lighting solution.

Guide and Inspire

The existing general lighting in the store has two important functions. First, it can guide customers in shopping malls. Second, reasonable lighting can increase sales. Lighting can arouse curiosity, stimulate purchase desires, and convey a positive attitude towards life, which in turn affects consumers' buying behavior.

Modern sales floor lighting solutions should create a perfect atmosphere and charming light effects. Lighting should make customers feel at home, support interior design concepts, make spaces appear more spacious, and guide consumers to pay special attention to places in the shopping mall that are particularly worth noting.

Go straight

Promotion points have a special place in the lighting design concepts of modern shops and department stores. Special products need to be emphasized and promoted. Exhibits and special exhibition areas provide a suitable stage. However, products can only attract the attention of everyone when they are matched with perfect lighting and suitable lighting effects. The lighting scheme at the promotion point puts the product under the right lighting to make it the most prominent, and directs the customer directly to the special goods department.