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Practical and Comfortable

In order to create a comfortable working environment, it is important to install suitable lamps in the office. They create a pleasant atmosphere among employees, increase productivity, and reduce errors. Therefore, planners, operators and users all have high expectations for lighting systems. Modern solutions meet these demanding requirements by creating perfect conditions for the relevant visual tasks. The combination of natural daylight, artificial light and lighting management systems provide optimal lighting, and a particularly suitable light control system maximizes energy efficiency. Modern design style lamps can set off the elegant executive floor office. At the same time, the intelligent lighting control system with partition function can divide the room into separate work areas and conference areas.

In addition to perfect lighting and good color reproduction, the comfortable, productive and highly acclaimed lighting from the Green Light World is also surprisingly energy-efficient. The result is that efficient lighting and minimal maintenance costs.

Powerful Performance

The concept of fixed lighting design cannot meet the needs of open large offices and flexible use of available space. It must be possible to easily make individual adjustments to the lighting equipment without significant cost. Intelligent lighting management systems are fully capable of meeting these requirements because they allow you to use and control light according to your own needs, thus saving significant energy. Various lighting devices with an active light color can provide you with a pleasant working atmosphere and enhance working motivation. A glare-free light source is a basic requirement for a light source that satisfies all applicable standards and can adapt to the presence of sunlight or inductive humans.

Lumin's Office Lighting for open large offices is the ideal solution for planners, operators and users. This series of impressive products offers maximum flexibility, good color appearance, high energy efficiency and long life. As a result, rapid improvements can be made, maintenance costs can be reduced, and work processes can be planned more efficiently.

Full Functioning

Meeting room lighting solutions must meet multiple requirements at the same time: These solutions create a perfect meeting atmosphere, help attendees to focus and ensure smooth playback of various media.

These lighting solutions must also have a long-standing reputation for both innovative lighting and impressive business partners.

The Lumin's Conference Room lighting solution achieves effective lighting, creates a colorful and colorful lighting atmosphere, and incorporates intelligent energy-saving technologies to make the lighting scene more flexible and independent, while meeting the planners, operators, and users of the lighting system. Claim. These light fixtures are easy to install and create the right atmosphere for you to focus and not get tired while attending meetings, lectures or watching videos.

Create An Atmosphere

In office buildings, corridors and stairwells need the most lighting. Planners, operators and users all need reliable and reliable lighting solutions. Suitable lights can guide residents safely into or out of buildings so that they can quickly identify directions and reduce the risk of accidents on stairs. At the same time, lighting can often create a pleasant atmosphere. Decorative lighting solutions can be used to transform the bland corridors and stairwells into atmospheric areas.

Lumin's world corridor and stairwell lighting solutions meet the highest safety requirements, create a pleasing lighting atmosphere, and integrate seamlessly with the overall structure of the building. Thanks to outstanding features such as smart technology, good performance and energy efficiency, visitors can see the roads around at any time and re-use the usefulness of corridors and stairwells - they not only connect different areas of the building, but also extend the living space in the office.

Commercial Value

Effective facade lighting can make the corporate building attract people's attention in the distance. This lighting can highlight buildings and highlight corporate logos and names, which is impressive. The sharp contrast between light and shadow echoes the entire building. The dynamic light effect maps an impressive corporate image.

Lumin facade lighting sources provide planners, operators and users with continuous and efficient solutions that meet all exterior decorative lighting requirements. Their lighting design concept is to adjust the brightness according to the time period and use appropriate amount of artificial light according to the amount of natural light available at that time. Therefore, facade illumination can instantly attract people's attention and make the company's trademark become the focus of attention all day long.