Lighting plays an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide the required level of care. Not only a sustainable choice, LED lighting can enhance the care environment and reduce costs by saving energy and improving operational efficiency. The latest LED technology from Philips provides a nurturing atmosphere for your patients and a dynamic working environment for your staff.

Lumin brings world-class lighting technology to the healthcare industry to help create a positive ambience, increase comfort, and reduce anxiety.

In a society where we are living longer, demands placed on healthcare systems are increasing substantially. The impending strain means that facilities that place emphasis on wellbeing will be in high demand. With quality daylight often at a premium in larger facilities, quality artificial light is the next best option to provide adequate illumination.

The focus on wellness can be addressed by installing technologically advanced LED solutions, and by providing constant light levels using lighting control systems. These solutions can also help cater to the often-complex requirements of lighting in healthcare facilities – often a balance is required for patient care activities during medication administration (reading drug labels, colour distinction) and creating a healing environment (low light at night).

Lumin provides the ultimate range of lighting and controls to support all the aspects in Healthcare projects.