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Whether for heavy industry, assembly plants, warehouses or transportation hubs, better lighting and increased visibility pays steady dividends.
Employees need optimal visibility on the production floor for safe and accurate operation of machinery. Ideal task lighting is a must for all types of precision assembly. Good quality, glare-free illumination reduces the chance of accidents and injuries while it promotes increased productivity and work quality. As in any workplace, lighting also plays a major role in employee well-being, satisfaction and retention. And, when combined with colorful media or dynamic lighting displays, building facades can even become a highly visible advertisement for your brand.

Industrial Lighting Solutions

Lumin offers a full spectrum of professional lighting products and services designed to maximize overall energy-efficiency and tailored to the demands of the industrial sector. From a simple LED retrofit to a sophisticated turnkey solution with advanced lighting controls, SLS uses a variety of lighting strategies to help industrial operations dramatically cut energy, maintenance and management costs.
Energy-efficient lighting retrofits are a big factor helping you achieve sustainability goals and support green initiatives. For large industrial spaces, as well as offices, hallways, lobbies and parking structures, integration of lighting into building management systems allows flexible scheduling, while occupancy sensors make sure you’re lighting only those spaces in active use. With smart administration tools, customized operation and reporting even allows you to track and continuously monitor energy costs and savings throughout the entire facility.

Our industrial work includes

- Warehouses

- Manufacturing
- Distribution Centers
- Transportation
- Parking Facilities
- Public Utilities