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LED Lighting and the Learning Environment
Classroom lighting has the potential to do more than simply brighten a space and improve the ability to see. Research indicates that well-planned classroom lighting solutions may have a positive influence on learning and well-being. And — as we work to make classroom lighting smarter and better for the learning environment — tunable LED lighting, intuitive controls and daylight harvesting are all part of our lesson plan. At Lumin we can provide a networked system of lighting and controls designed to work seamlessly together.
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Creating an Ideal Setting with Classroom Lighting
Modern classrooms are continually evolving spaces, and the lighting should be able to adapt to changing needs. In choosing the best lighting for classrooms, important considerations include visual acuity, student comfort, energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs and increased flexibility. The best solutions allow lighting to be aligned with activities.

In planning the ideal setting, keep these factors in mind:

LED classroom lights use less energy than traditional ones.
LED lighting and control solutions can improve visual comfort.
Classroom technology can affect lighting requirements.
Classroom lighting control stations offer instant flexibility.