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Signify Continue to Develop Healthy Lighting in the Post-epidemic Era

At the end of the 19th century, the function of ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection has been discovered by the world, but due to the particularity of its application field, it has not been widely popularized in the global lighting application market. Until the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, in the context of other lighting products suffering from channel circulation, UV disinfection products have become the "new favorite" of global lighting companies.

As the world's leading lighting company, since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Signify has strengthened the research and development, production increase and market promotion of ultraviolet disinfection products. So far, it has achieved innovative results in multiple applications of such products, helping the epidemic situation around the world. The development of prevention and control work.

Wang Yun, Senior Vice President and President of Northeast Asia, Signify

In this regard, China interviewed Mr. Wang Yun, Senior Vice President of Signify Global and President of Northeast Asia, to learn more about the development strategy of this century-old lighting company in the field of ultraviolet disinfection.

Continue to practice social responsibility and break through the severe challenges of the market

At the beginning of the outbreak of the new crown epidemic in 2020, many domestic lighting companies rushed to help the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic. Among them, Signify, which has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for more than half a century, has also joined the global epidemic with its ultraviolet disinfection lamps. With its scientific and technological expertise, it protects the physical and mental health of the Chinese people and demonstrates its obligatory social responsibility.

It should be noted that before the epidemic, Signify had been deeply involved in the field of ultraviolet disinfection for 35 years. With rich practical experience and innovative achievements, Signify was in an industry-leading position in ultraviolet light source products. Wang Yun said that since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, Signify has continued to increase the production capacity of UV-C ultraviolet light source products to meet the urgent needs of global users for epidemic prevention and control, and at the same time increased R&D and production efforts, forming a complete Philips UV light source. -C UV disinfection solutions, including air disinfection solutions, surface disinfection solutions, article disinfection solutions, etc., are oriented to the professional market and consumer market, and can meet the diversified disinfection and sterilization needs of users.

Signify donated Philips UV disinfection lamps to help Hubei fight the epidemic

It is reported that in 2020, the production capacity of Signify UV-C ultraviolet light source will be eight times that of 2019, which will continue to meet the increasing demand for ultraviolet sterilization and disinfection by users in China and around the world.

In addition, Signify also acquired GLA, a UV-C ultraviolet lamp manufacturer located in the Netherlands, to expand the product portfolio of the upper air UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection system and continuously improve the product application functions; continue to invest in research and development to promote the development of ultraviolet technology standards. Establish.

While Signify is developing the strategic layout of UV disinfection products, many companies are also facing a lot of pressure to seize this emerging market. However, in Wang Yun's view, as the epidemic continues to spread around the world, the uncertainty of global trade increases, and the impact on production and supply chain is the biggest market pressure facing Signify.

He said that Signify's core competitiveness in responding to the challenges of the UV disinfection market lies in its rich practical experience in this field. No matter in the professional market or the consumer market, Signify can meet the growing demand for air, object and surface disinfection by expanding the corresponding product portfolio and solutions for the professional and consumer markets, and help epidemic prevention and control around the world , so as to open up the supply chain of product raw materials and reduce the pressure on production capacity.

In-depth analysis of market characteristics to create multiple application scenarios

Since the global pandemic of the epidemic, although the functional characteristics of ultraviolet disinfection products have been widely recognized by the public, the repeated and normalized prevention and control mechanisms of the epidemic have brought severe challenges to the disinfection and sterilization of crowded and high-traffic public places. In order to meet such challenges, the management departments and institutions of various large-scale venues need to devote huge human and material resources to find a way to operate safely and serve consumers.

In response to this situation, Signify has relieved the pressure of epidemic prevention in large public places through endless technological innovations in ultraviolet disinfection. Wang Yun told reporters that in response to the epidemic prevention needs of large public places, Signify has released a series of UV-C ultraviolet products for the professional lighting market, which can disinfect air, surfaces and objects, and are widely used in schools, public restrooms, offices, shopping malls It can also be used in public places such as factories and factories, and can also be used in transportation such as planes, trains, and buses.

Signify installed a Philips upper air UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection system for a new public primary school in Chongqing

He gave an example: "As a special public space, schools have special aggregation and mobility. If the necessary sterilization and disinfection work is not done, it will inevitably become a breeding ground for the virus to spread. For this reason, Signify has nearly two Over the years, many schools in the Netherlands, France, China and other countries have adopted the Philips upper air UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection system, which can ensure thorough and rapid disinfection of the room air without affecting the normal teaching work. Additional protection for teachers and students."

"More importantly, Signify's customized solutions can be optimized and adjusted according to different usage scenarios. It can sterilize customers' luggage in airports and hotels, sterilize parcels and mail in office buildings, and sterilize customers' luggage in large shopping malls. Large items such as shopping trolleys can also be disinfected in China," Wang Yun added.

The outbreak of the epidemic mostly stems from clustered infections in public places, but more and more people realize that the items in the home environment and the sanitary environment on the surface also have a direct impact on the presence or absence of the new coronavirus. Under such home epidemic prevention needs, the functional role of ultraviolet disinfection products is particularly prominent.

In addition to public places, Signify also has a continuous layout in the home field. Wang Yun said that in response to the public's growing demand for home environment disinfection, Signify has launched a series of Philips UV-C ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization products for home consumers in the past two years. Scenes. In the future, Signify will continue to fulfill its industry commitments, expand the application fields of UV-C ultraviolet disinfection through product innovation and continuous improvement of services, help create a safe and healthy home and public environment, and use the power of more light to ensure public health and well-being.

Finely sort out the differences in national conditions and rationally deploy the East Asian market

East Asia is one of the regions with a vibrant cultural atmosphere in the world, and the social activity of the public is quite high. Affected by the continuous spread of the epidemic around the world, the Northeast Asian market, dominated by China, Japan, and South Korea, has also strong demand for UV-C ultraviolet disinfection products. In view of this, Wang Yun, who is in charge of this important regional market, revealed Signify's current strategic layout in the three countries.

In mainland China, the public's awareness of the health and safety of life, work and public space environment in the post-epidemic period is gradually increasing. Signify is accelerating the promotion and application of new UV-C ultraviolet disinfection products in the Chinese market. In the professional lighting market, there are also efficient and safe solutions for the home environment, which can meet the customized needs of users in various scenarios such as homes, offices, schools, public transportation, and retail stores for sterilization and disinfection.

Application scenarios of Philips UV-C ultraviolet disinfection solutions in Taitong Group's catering stores

In Hong Kong and Taiwan, Signify UV-C UV solutions have been successfully applied in Taiwan's catering industry. Recently, Signify provided Philips UV-C ultraviolet disinfection solutions for 80 stores of Taitong Group, the largest oriental gourmet chain restaurant group in Taiwan, to support the safe resumption of work in restaurants, while adding another layer of protection for customers and employees.

Among them, the Philips UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection machine is installed in the reception area of the restaurant of Taitong Group, which can effectively inactivate the hidden bacteria and viruses caused by the movement of indoor and outdoor people by accelerating the air circulation and disinfecting the UV-C ultraviolet air in the machine; The Philips upper air UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection system is installed in the area, which can continuously disinfect the upper indoor air, ensure that the sterilized air returns to sink, replaces the indoor air, and allows customers to take off their masks and eat with peace of mind; the kitchen is equipped with sensors The Philips UV-C ultraviolet disinfection lamps, the kitchen disinfection lamps are automatically turned on immediately after the store is closed and the employees leave the store to disinfect the cooking area and worktable surfaces. C ultraviolet rays cause injury accidents.

In the Japanese and Korean markets, the demand for UV disinfection products is growing rapidly, both in public places and at home. Signify's UV-C products, including room air disinfection products, have been used in hospitals, clinics, retail restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, offices, factories, schools, kindergartens and other places in the two countries to effectively eliminate the need for epidemic prevention. kill.

Explore the field of technological innovation and dig deep into the value of healthy lighting

The demand for global epidemic prevention has not only made ultraviolet disinfection products popular, but also made more application value of such products to be tapped. Relevant studies have proved that in addition to inactivating the new coronavirus, ultraviolet light, as a very effective disinfection method, can also inactivate other known bacteria and viruses, thereby reducing the risk of disease transmission in the air and surfaces. As Signify, which is constantly exploring the extraordinary potential of lighting, naturally shoulders the important task of expanding the application field of UV disinfection.

The second generation of Philips UV-C ultraviolet air sterilizer integrated with HEPA air purification technology

Recently, Signify has taken a new action in the multi-killing of ultraviolet technology. The second generation of its Philips UV-C ultraviolet air disinfection machine integrates ultraviolet disinfection and HEPA air purification technology, which can not only effectively inactivate known bacteria and viruses including the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, but also remove airborne Pollen, mites, dust and other particulate pollutants, to achieve the effect of purifying the air. In addition, the six models in the series can be used safely and flexibly in crowded areas such as homes, schools, offices, gymnasiums, retail stores, etc.

As Wang Yun said, considering that the normalized prevention and control situation in the post-epidemic era has increased the public's awareness of disinfection and sterilization, Signify is also continuously expanding the application fields of ultraviolet disinfection, so that users can get double protection.

While exploring the application value of UV disinfection products, Signify has made a number of people-oriented innovations from the use of such products to system maintenance services to deal with direct exposure to UV lamps that cause harm to the human body. problems, so that the consumer rights and interests of users can be further protected.

In terms of safety performance, the new UV-C ultraviolet lamps used for deep surface disinfection in offices, schools and bathrooms are equipped with sensors and controllers to ensure that they are only activated when there are no people and animals in the space; the upper air disinfection system is hoisted at a high place, Equipped with special shielding and optical design to prevent exposure of UV-C ultraviolet rays, no need for personnel to leave the field when using; the built-in UV-C ultraviolet lamp tube and special light path of the air sterilizer can avoid human exposure to UV-C rays through safe and reliable design Under UV light, human-machine coexistence is realized.

In terms of product and system maintenance services, Signify's UV-C ultraviolet disinfection products can be designed, installed and used according to specific safety protection instructions, and manufactured through strictly controlled industrial processes. By providing installation design and life cycle services, Signify ensures that the luminaires deliver the proper UV dose and advises on equipment maintenance. In addition, Signify provides safety training for users to ensure safety during installation, use and maintenance.

After the tempering of the epidemic, the future promotion of ultraviolet disinfection technology is worthy of the eager expectation of the global lighting industry. In the post-epidemic era that will eventually come in the future, the field of ultraviolet disinfection will usher in greater potential growth opportunities as the public's awareness of health is constantly awakened.

For Signify's blueprint construction in this field, Wang Yun is full of expectations, Signify will continue to deepen the field of healthy lighting, improve and enrich UV disinfection products and solutions through continuous innovation, and target a variety of places. Broaden the application fields, provide users with more customized UV sterilization and disinfection solutions and full life cycle services, and at the same time increase the development of air disinfection products and applications that can coexist with humans and machines to help users achieve safe and effective disinfection work , use innovative technology to double the well-being of human life.