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Japan, Workshop Lighting, 200W LED High Bay Light

Lumin High Bay SPG-D200 Installed at the Workshop in Niigata Ken,Japan

On Aug 25, 2012, Lumin’s end customer installed the high bay SPG-D200 at 14m height workshop in Niigata ken,Japan. This company is the famous manufacturing company inJapan“HOKUYO SEISAKUSHO” which was known as the industrial art.


For this project, Lumin company offered several DIALux simulation based on different flux requirements, and the customer was very satisfied with the final solution. Below, please check the after installation picture. High bay lamp was installed in two rows and five lamps on each raw. The light of uniformity is very nice as the picture shown to us, and the situ tested average flux on floor is 280lx, which perfectly meet our customer’s requirements.