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What Is Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent lighting control system uses advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic induction technology to monitor and track power supply in real time on the platform of unified grid intelligence of public lighting, automatically and smoothly adjusts the voltage and current amplitude of the circuit, improves the extra power consumption caused by unbalanced load in the lighting circuit, raises the power factor and reduces the power consumption. Low lighting and line working temperature to achieve optimal power supply lighting control system.

Main Features:

1. the system can control continuous dimming or switching in any loop.

2. Scene control: Multiple different scenes can be set in advance, fading in and out during scene switching.

3. you can access all kinds of sensors to control the lights automatically.

4. Moving sensor: Infrared detection of the human body to achieve the control of the light; such as people come to light, people go out the light (dark).

5. Luminous illuminance sensor: For some occasions, indoor light can be adjusted according to the intensity of outdoor light, such as constant illumination control in school classrooms.

6. time control: some occasions can adjust the brightness with the commuting time.

7. infrared remote control: the handheld infrared remote control can be used to control the lights.

8. System interconnection: The system can be interconnected, using the above control means for integrated control or with building intelligent control system interconnection.

9. we can control the lighting by sound, light, heat, human and animal movement detection.


Intelligent illumination control system can output an optimum illumination power to the luminaire under the condition that the luminaire can work normally. It can not only reduce the glare caused by overvoltage, but also make the light emitted by the light more soft, the illumination distribution more uniform. It can also save energy greatly. Intelligent illumination control system can save electricity. The rate can reach 20%-40%. Intelligent lighting control system can be used in lighting and hybrid circuits, and has strong adaptability. It can work continuously and steadily in all kinds of harsh grid environment and complex load conditions. At the same time, it will effectively prolong the lamp life and reduce maintenance costs.