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Teacher's Day

On January 21, 1985, the Ninth Session of the Standing Committee of the Sixth National People's Congress made a resolution, and the September 10th of each year was designated as the Teacher's Day of China to thank teachers who preached and taught. Teachers are known as engineers of the human soul, and the profession of teachers is often hailed as the most brilliant career under the sun.

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The establishment of Teacher's Day marks the teacher's respect for the whole society. This is because the work of teachers largely determines the future of the country. The work of teachers is closely related to every family, every child, teenager, and youth. In the development and progress of human society, teachers play a huge role. Teachers are engineers who cast human civilization and are the communicators and builders of human civilization. The continuity of the development of human civilization depends on the work of teachers from generation to generation. If a society, a country, or a nation does not have the hard and effective labor of teachers, then the social, national, and national civilization process will suffer.Therefore, the history of a civilization and the factors that leave the teacher are unthinkable.

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