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Recycling of LED Lamps Will be A Major Industry Problem in 10 Years

"Less than 2%" is the source of the data from Eucolight. Eucolight is a group of European organizations responsible for supervising the collection and recycling of lamps and lighting products, claiming that 79% lamps and lanterns are collected in 18 countries.

As a new generation of light source, LED has many advantages: high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long life, easy control, maintenance free, safety and environmental protection. The above data also indirectly indicate that LED products are generally in good condition.

This is a good side.

However, we should also pay attention to the recycling and reuse of LED lamps in the future.

Since LED entered the mainstream, the good part of the past ten years has passed.

Nigel Harvey, chief executive of Recolight, a UK lighting recycler and member of Eucolight, has pointed out that in the next 10 years, LED will account for about 30-40% of waste. After this happens, the LED industry will pay more attention to recycling, rather than the simpler design of the past.

According to foreign media statistics, more than 90% fluorescent tube materials have been recycled in the UK. The design of LED lamps will make it even difficult to reach 50%.

"One advantage of LED technology is the scope of the material, design, shape, size and other explosive growth," Nigel Harvey said. "LED allows more innovation in the way of manufacturing. However, in the aspect of recycling, the heterogeneity of products will bring cost cost. Materials are more, they are glued together, usually using adhesives and foam, and it is very difficult to separate them by mechanical process. All kinds of materials are: plastic, glass, ceramics, aluminum, copper, and PCB. "

The recovery of LED lamps attracted attention at the Eucolight conference. "For this reason, delegates understand the future technology composition and choice of LED and LED recycling technologies," Eucolight reported.