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Professional Electrical Installation Service Providers How to Win Projects

The study pointed out that, for electrical installation services, the low price of products has no more decisive role in the new business bidding, and the good reputation of individual in the industry has become a more concerned factor for customers. About 1/4 (23%) of respondents said that having a good reputation in the industry is an important guarantee for winning new projects compared to price competition.

In addition, about 2/3 (64%) electrical installation providers say that the use of industry leading and reliable lighting products is an important prerequisite for the successful completion of the project. 55% of respondents said they had suffered losses from poor lighting products. The data are as high as 73% and 70% in China and Indonesia. Even the best feedbacks in Denmark and Germany are about 1/3 of the victims.  Among all brands, PHILPS brand lighting products are favored by the most respondents (69%).

Leonie Jansen, head of Signify's global LED lamp product, said, "our research aims to understand their concerns and challenges that will help them achieve long-term success. Among them, the world's leading high-quality LED products are professional electrical installation service providers are the best partners to meet customer needs and achieve lighting creativity. "

While the lighting industry is growing rapidly, it is also accompanied by profound changes. Fierce market competition not only promotes the continuous progress of lighting technology, but also causes the continuous decline of product prices. 62% of respondents believe that the competition in lighting installation services is fierce now. More than half of them (53%) have been competing for the same project.

Against this background, professional electrical installation service providers pay more attention to personal reputation maintenance than ever before. This is also the main reason why they stand out from the competition. In addition, showing product knowledge, keeping time and quality and completing previous cooperation are also important factors to win the bidding. Interestingly, offering low quotations has been considered as a factor that persuaded the customer to win the smallest impact of the project. Only 18% of respondents believe that price is the core factor of getting a project.