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Lumileds Launched A New 2835 Package With An Efficiency of Up to 200 LM/W

On Oct. 23, Lumileds launched a new LUXEON 2835 HE LED, which is as powerful as 200 LM / W and provides a new definition of color consistency for LEDs on the market. The new LED is optimized to achieve high efficiency and second-order McAdam elliptical color consistency in applications such as dark troughs and shed/shed lamps.

Sam Wu, Mid-Power Product Line Manager at Lumileds, said, "These LEDs have tight spots that other mid-power devices in the same product don't have. Second-order McAdam Elliptical Design Suite can achieve the best color consistency to meet the requirements of harsh applications.

Under the driving current of 65 mA, the luminous flux of 36 LM and the efficiency of 202 lm/W can be achieved by the LUXEON 2835 HE LED, and 220 LM luminous flux (4000K and 80 CRI) can be achieved by the driving current of 480 mA.

"LUXEON 2835 HE is ideal for applications where luminaire efficiency must be greater than 150 stream/watt and the number of LEDs must be minimized, such as dark slots, spotlights and bulbs." Sam Wu says Lumileds'high reliability design enables LUXEON 2835 HE to provide more light for smaller general applications.

In addition, LUXEON 2835 HE offers a range of color temperatures and CRI options ranging from 70 to 90 that can be used in a variety of general designs. These LEDs can be used immediately to replace 2835 LED packages (2.8 x 3.5 mm) or to replace 5630 (5.6 x 3.0 mm) or 3030 (3.0 x 3.0 mm) power beads with similar optical requirements.