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How to Make Brand for Lighting Enterprises

Popularity, reputation, recognition, association and loyalty are regarded as the five assets of the brand, which represent a process that the brand is growing from scratch. Lamps and lanterns enterprises can make brands through the following six aspects.

1. Making a good product

Products are the key factors to attract consumers' attention and purchase, so products are the foundation of brand building. The basic characteristics of good products: good quality, good product image, good name, good product concept, good product packaging, good product display.

2.Finding the right position

Without the accurate brand positioning, development will only be a group of fog water. So product positioning is the key to brand building. Positioning needs to adopt differentiation strategy, so that it can be clearly separated from other brands, but positioning and product attributes should be combined.

3.Setting up the image

If lamps and lanterns enterprises want to create brands, they must leave a distinctive impression in the minds of consumers. So the image is the foundation of brand building. The common practice of building brand image is to import VI or CI system. Brand image building should be based on market demand and consumer psychology, break through the stereotype of thinking, explore the value of the brand, with a good brand image to impress consumers.

4.Strengthening management

Only by persisting in strengthening management can the brand bring the strategic power and driving force to the competitive advantage for the enterprise. So management is the guarantee and core competitiveness of brand building.

5.Improving the channel

Products must be distributed to sales terminals through various sales channels, and ultimately reach consumers' hands. Without a sound channel, the brand can not be achieved, so the channel becomes important in the growth of the brand.

6. Standing-up transmission strategics

In the initial stage of brand startup, enterprises mainly tells consumers, "Who am I? What are my strengths?"  which is to form the brand reputation in the market.  In the growth stage,  to tell the audience "what do I admire?" , which is the emotional appeal to win the consumer sentiment recognition and preference.  In the maturity stage,  the main task is to consolidate the influence of the brand and become the representative of the lighting industry, which is to tell the audience what cultural concept the brand represents.