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  Recently, GEW will launch its latest innovative product, Leo LED UV curing system, on Label expo Europe 2019. Leo LED represents the next generation of UV LED curing products, and will have a significant impact in this competitive market. In Leo LED, the technology has been redesigned and improved to simplify and provide superior value while providing maximum power and dose of ultraviolet energy. The cutting-edge design of Leo LED brings several new advantages: a 50 mm wide window can provide a longer residence time, and is waterproof, sealed and easy to clean. It also resists the invasion of dust and ink. LED arrays provide power at 88W/cm and 25W/cm2 intensities, with minimal light loss due to direct UV paths. In addition, the integrated water cooling system provides Leo LED with the ultimate operational performance and reliability of similar products. The new lamp holder adopts the most advanced manufacturing technology, meets the GEW usually strict standards, and has strong performance and reliability. It also offers a more compact configuration for very narrow spaces and sheet-fed offset presses. All formats can be easily adapted to almost all printers, and provide a 5-year GEW system warranty, so that you can rest assured.   

  Leo LED system uses Arc LED hybrid UV technology, allowing the use of traditional UV arc lights or LED arrays in the same printing unit. Arc LED allows printers to switch freely between arc and UV LED curing to meet process requirements and ink formulation. Along with Leo LED, GEW will adopt the latest mercury arc lamp technology, including its compact E4C system. E4C is the highest power lamp in the GEW mercury arc range, providing up to 200W/cm power to support the most demanding UV curing operation. E4C is suitable for the most rigorous curing test procedures and for low migration applications. It is also fully compatible with GEW's Arc LED hybrid system. GEW will also show off its Multipoint Ultraviolet Monitor (MUVM), which has been listed in the innovative category of the 2019 Label Award. Multipoint ultraviolet monitoring is increasingly used to obtain 100% ultraviolet detection and generate UV curing certificates for each printing batch by recording the real-time output of each bulb. When used as part of a good production specification process, monitors provide highly reliable and cost-effective solutions to eliminate the risk of under fixed products reaching customers.