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China Is Becoming The Manufacturing Center of Global LED Packaging Marketing

In recent years, China has gradually become the world's LED packaging device manufacturing center, the domestic LED packaging enterprise capacity expansion is faster. In 2015, the total number of local LED packaging enterprises exceeded 60 billion.

In fact, in the packaging industry, the diversified demand of the industrial chain has made it impossible for packaging enterprises to rely on individual to meet all orders on the market. As packaging enterprises, only by doing a good job of market positioning, can they achieve their own product specialization and low cost.

Whether the future packaging process can reduce costs is critical to the cost reduction of the entire enterprise. Moreover, the needs of LED customers have been very complex, which are opportunities for packaging enterprises.

In 2015, the market price of LED lighting will probably fall to 1/3 of 2010, and the penetration rate of LED will rise to 50%. It is predicted that LED lighting will probably occupy more than 75% of the market share by 2020.

As far as the packaging industry is concerned, the main supply in the mainland market is still concentrated in low-end products, and the market of high-end packaging products is less involved. Because of this, the packaging enterprises in the mainland of China are required to actively develop high-end packaging technology in the market demand, seize business opportunities, and have a clear corporate positioning.

At present, many well-known LED enterprises at home and abroad have begun to invest in the research and development of CSP (Chip Scale Package) level packaging and production process, and there are many light source products on the market. At the same time, in the product application end, there are also some lamps and lanterns enterprises began to try CSP light source in the application of street lamps and other fields. People are more optimistic about this advanced packaging method, and think it will be a trend in the future.

The high density integrated module of the cladding is very suitable for professional fields, such as stage, automobile, projection, special lighting such as searchlight and other special lighting market. In the future, it will become a through train for LED packaging enterprises to go higher and farther by extending downward and outward, constantly innovating and changing modes, complementing strong and strong joint advantages, and transforming from manufacturing services.